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F & M Contractor and Remodelers, tear do

F & M Contractor does remove and demolition building and transport to transfer stations.  We have been in construction business in mid-coast Maine for 16 years are an insured company.

When removing a building there is a lot to consider.


1) First and always SAFETY. We are equipped to deal with tearing down and then moving the material down the road safely and our load secured. 


2) Our clients are surprised how cost effective to have us teardown, transport and transfer station cost are.  We usually are very competitive.


3) Usually, we are right on time for removal so you can start your next project on site, on time.

Our quote will include: Teardown, Transportation, any needed permit cost if any, and transfer fee's ( dump cost.)  


We will then give you a quote and a time frame to move it.  Please understand this time frame can change according to current weather. 

Thank you.

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